Course Description

A great sales manager is like a battlefield commander. In charge, providing leadership, focused on the mission, managing a lot of moving parts, and ultimately the person with the responsibility for the results. Without that leadership, the troops can quickly become dispirited, confused as to what to do, and are likely to perform below expectations, putting the success of the mission in jeopardy. A great sales manager, like a great battlefield commander, can be a real difference maker.

Did you know…

  • 9 out of 10 sales managers were promoted because they were great salespeople
  • Sales management skills are vastly different from sales skills (you knew that)
  • Most sales managers have had little or no sales management training – they have been neglected from a training and development perspective
  • Sales teams flourish with strong, disciplined, well-trained leadership

If you train one salesperson, you improve one salesperson. 

But if you train one manager, you improve the entire team. 

This course will provide you with a solid overview of what you need to be doing and where you should be spending your time to create and maintain a highly functioning sales team.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • The Sales Management Mastery book with ideas on Building Your Team, Training & Development, Setting Expectations, Organization & Compensation, Motivation & Recognition, Leadership, and Troubleshooting (and a great recommended reading list as well)
  • 38 Sales Meeting Training Exercises to transform your sales meetings into productive learning experiences
  • The Common Sense Selling Tools to manage the sales effort
  • A variety of assessments that you can use to determine strengths & weaknesses and evaluate individual and team progress

This training program complements Learning the Common Sense Selling Process which is a natural for your salespeople.

Jim Dunn & John Schumann

The creators of the Common Sense Selling® process are two not-so-common sales professionals and trainers, Jim Dunn and John Schumann. They saw the lack of results and frustration that most salespeople experienced using the old “feature, advantage, and benefit” selling approach in today’s more complex selling environment.Using their combined 65 plus years of sales experience, they developed a new, common sense approach to selling that is unconventional, by most standards…and it works!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Sales Management

    • Introduction for Sales Managers

    • The Role of a Sales Manager

    • Sales Management Mastery

    • SalesCoach Modules 1-6 Tests (Send to your Sales People)

    • SalesCoach Modules 1-6 Tests (Answer Sheet)

    • Sales Meeting Training Exercises

    • Common Sense Selling® Tools

    • Sales Force Assessment

    • National Sales Challenge Assessment

    • Proposal Coach Assessment

    • Core Sales Competencies Assessment

    • Setting Expectations and Holding Your Reps Accountable - 60 Minute Audio